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Dita Gould is a hip great grandmother. She is fashionable, on trend, and larger then life. 



Dita Gould was born Edith Deutsch in Vienna Austria in 1933. She is the oldest of two sisters. During the Second World War she was hiding in S.S. headquarters in Hungary’s capital city Budapest. Her life during the war was difficult and isolating. She was separated from her parents and responsible for the care of her sister Elizabeth. During the war she nearly starved to death, living on crumbs. 

After the war war she was reunited with her parents, who also survived and four years later, migrated to Australia. 

Edith never completed her schooling but has been an avid reader and storyteller. She has told her remarkable story to many groups and audiences in Australia and abroad. 

As part of the Child Survivors of the Holocaust Group Edith has had the chance to speak publicaly about her experiences as a survivour of the Holocaust. Edith is a speaker for Courage to Care, an organisation which speaks to students about the Holocaust. 

In the 1980’s Edith and Rob Gould founded Gould Galleries, a prominent art gallery and well known business located in South Yarra, Melbourne, Australia. It was at that time she became known as Dita.

Dita has been a tireless fundraiser throughout her life raising money for many great causes in Australia and Israel. 

She has also written and published a number of short stories including “Gifts from a Russian Soldier“ and “Wake up to Reality” in Silent No More (By Child Survivors of the Holocaust) and “Take My Hand” in Heirloom: Second Anthology of the Melbourne Child Survivors Group.

Dita was interviewed for the worldwide Spielberg Project for testimonies from the Holocaust. She has also given her testimony to the Holocaust Centre in Melbourne, Australia.

In 2017 the photographic book Survivor by Harry Borden was published by Hachette. It contains photographs of Holocaust survivors from around the world, including Dita.

I Was a Good Girl is her first attempt at writing a memoir with the help of her granddaughter Anna Gould. 

Holocaust Survivor Talks


Dita Gould speaks regularly about her experience of the Holocaust and her story. 

If you would like her to speak to your school, organisation or group please get in touch through the contact us page. 

Dita is available to speak about her experiences as a Holocaust survivor. She regularly talks about this and other topics of interest within both the Jewish and broader communities.